Gosport Gardening

If you are not able to look after you garden, you may have thought about finding someone to do it for you. You may wish to try one or more of the following,

It will be very much appreciated if you advise them seen on this web site when you contact them.  Thank you Ian

BMS Batterbury Maintenance Service - Tel: 079 0324 1924

Peaches Perfect Gardens Contact Steve on 079 8664 8215

If  you are a gardener that has vacancies please let me know if you would be interested in adding your details to this web site as I do receive requests to do gardens.

It is free to add your name and number. but if you would like a page of your text and photos it cost 25 per year. I have some business cards with the web address that will go free to the first few customers.

Gosport.info             For other information about and photos

If you wish to see the sort of items that could be added to your page see what I used for my gardening business which I am now closing down.

If you are just starting a gardening business and wish some advice or have questions about it, please send an email to plants@gosport.info

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Last Updated 4th December 2016